Photo by Malene Tswai

Hey there! I'm Nina Martinelli, a photographer/ aspiring photojournalist currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Without realising it until recently, I feel as though I was destined to work with and share the stories from people of all walks of life. From growing up as a Third Culture Kid in 8 different countries, to spending my free time talking to strangers in different languages and adventuring in remote corners of the globe, I have always been deeply moved by the endless depth of the human experience and the healing power of human connection. From the incredible sights to the life-changing stories I learned from the people I met , I felt compelled to find a way to share them with the world and that's when the camera first entered my grasp in a real way. In the coming years, I'm looking to learn more and grow in the trade, in order to one day use my photography to amplify the stories which deserve to be seen. My ultimate goal is to capture the essence of humanity in the raw, fleeting moments of life and in turn use the universal language of imagery to bridge a greater understanding between people in this ever-polarising world. And of course, do it in a beautiful way as often as possible ;)


Currently available to work as a photographer or photo assistant on a freelance/part-time basis. I'm comfortable speaking in English & German (as well as basic French & Italian) and am willing to travel.
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