2019 / TEASER Campaign

Why Work?

The idea for this project was to create a guerilla street art campaign that would catch people's attention on their morning commute, encouraging them to question whether they are truly satisfied with their jobs.
This would act as a teaser, for Das Handwerk's upcoming campaign showing confident, happy and successful craftsmen/women who love what they do.

In the end though (at least from a PR standpoint), this project was a complete failure.

I've decided to share this project among my best work, because it's still something that I am proud of for several reasons.
Most of all, because this project was a daring one, and taught me an important lesson about taking creative risks.

"You work for your job. Does it work for you?"
"Is there a life before the end of the work day?"
"It's not that it's Monday. It's your job."
"Breathing techniques won't help you against having the wrong job."
"Why do we go to work? What do we get up for everyday? To survive? Out of boredom? To have something to do? So that our bank account is full at the end of them month? Do we do things because we are needed or because we want to? Do we do what we do for us or for others? Does it feel good? Do we know what we are doing?

Das Handwerk

my role:

Together with my seniors and an additional art director partner, I saw this project through from the start. From initial conception, to designing the artworks and finally to photographing the final pieces, I got my hands dirty in every part of this production.

Client: Das Handwerk
CCO: Dennis May
ACD: Alex Weber-Grün
CD: Felix Boeck
Senior Art Director: Ralf Schroeder
Senior Copywriter: Berthold Brodowski
Junior Creatives: Nina Martinelli & Alice Rotelli